There are various add-ons that can work and expand the functionality of our anti-drone system. The following are only some add-ons and extras that can be provided on request or based on location and/or property requirements.


Our systems can work with several sensors simultaneously such as radar, day/night cameras and acoustic sensors. Based on the requirements, we can provide a "custom-made" configuration to provide the correct results.


Our anti-drone system can work seamlessly with several commercial jammers in order to jam drones automatically and without any human interaction. Drones can be "send back home" without even notice or know that was coming close to your property.

Nets and devices

Even though is considered are "old" technology, on some cases the requirements are fulfilled only using anti-drone devices such as interceptor drones and anti-drone nets. These are used on rare occasions and only when the actual/automatic anti-drone system cannot be used.