Command center

Command centre is developed to be accessible from any connected device inside your network plus can support accessibility through Internet. Can be installed and maintain on our own cloud, on your local premises or in your own cloud (AWS or Azure). Using any of the aforementioned setup connection to the command centre is fast and secure since is developed optimized for local or cloud setup. It is the software that "manages" all the hardware related with anti-drone and provides all the necessary information.


Cyberbox is a small box, at the size of a small network switch, that is used only for small and not demanding environments and installations. This box is hosting the control centre for small installations and is also detecting the unauthorized drones, taking control and making them go away. With cyberbox, is not possible to know the direction that the drone is coming.

Radio antennas

The radio antennas are used in more advanced installations since are more powerful than the cyberbox. The best practise is to install minimum four (4) antennas that each one covers 90 degrees (360 degrees in total). The reason is to be able to know the direction that a drone is coming and view the drone on the map in control centre.