As consumer drones get cheaper and more popular, there are lots of drones in hands of inexperienced people. Also, there is a growing concern that they could be used for terrorist attacks. From the legal perspective, you cannot just shoot drones out of the sky and that is the reason that counter drone technology exists; to keep drones away from places where they shouldn't be.

Safeguard your property

Property security is a very important and difficult task, especially during the last decade that drones became very cheap and anybody can purchase and use one. Any consumer drone can fly easily above your property and spy your premises for whatever reason, harmful or not. Counter-drone system can be used to secure several properties such as prisons, hospitals, airports, houses or large areas that for some reason needs to keep out drones or spies.

Gain back your privacy

In most countries around the globe, it is not illegal to fly consumer drones anywhere and anytime. Due to the vast number of drones sold the last years, it is very easy for someone to violate your privacy, either when you are using your pool or when sitting outside to relax.

Secure your self and your family

Consumer drones might seem very innocent devices and a kind of a toy. However, it might be very dangerous either on purpose or by accident. For example, a member of your family might be heart if a drone crashes by accident near or on him/her. Accidents happen every day and is better to foresee before something happens. One of the most noted drone accidents happened is the one with Angela Merkel - German Chancellor that you can view Angela Merkel Drone attack.

Avoid espionage and weaponization

During the latest terrorist attacks all over the world, espionage and weaponization are very important issues and threads for government and individuals since with the lower prices on consumer drones, terrorists can get a great benefit. Counter drone systems are very important for high risk locations in order to avoid espionage and weaponization.