Drones Management and Protection

Having the ability of monitoring and manage a fleet of commercial drones has various benefits. Can be used in many sectors and especially for security purposes. Our system is compatible with all commercial drone manufacturers such as DJI, Parrot, etc. and is created for  commercial use.


Drones flight Network

Share flight data between drone operators. It is important for operators to share mission and flight information during the flight.


Awareness of all drones of the fleet to avoid any collisions. Collisions happen when many drones flight in the sme area. Our "smart" system provide build-in anti-collision algorithms.

Live Data

Capabilities for Geofence and airspace information, terrain, weather, and 3rd party systems. All of the data is displayed live in the web-based console and available any time.

Mission Control

Mission planning, monitoring and post-flight analytics through a web management portal. The portal provides functionality to track the drones, operators communication and data sharing function, live video stream and seizing remote-control during operation.

Fleet Management

The Artificial Intelligence engine collects and analyzes relevant data for advanced fleet handling and management such as logbook, flight hours, location and many more.