Counter UAV systems are a very important security tool that can be used from many individuals and organizations. Currently, several installations exist worldwide that are protecting people, businesses and agencies.

High net-worth individuals

For VIPs, privacy is a very important element. A drone can take pictures and videos of a VIP without anyone notice it. Privacy violation should be monitored and stopped when necessary. The tool to do that is an anti-drone system.


It is important for the security teams of politicians to know if any drone is near the area to take all the appropriate counter-drone measures. Politicians are considered as high-risk persons for attacks; thus, drones should be kept away during public appearances.

Hotels & Resorts

When people go to a hotel or resort, either for business or holidays, needs to be secure. Drones can fly above or near a hotel or resort by violating the privacy of the guests or even harm them by accident.


High security areas, such as prisons, are fully protected from threads that are coming from the land. However, terrestrial threads cannot be managed since with consumer drones' things can go outside and inside without notice it.


Internet Service Providers are considered as high risk and high security properties because they host telecommunication services that are risky to attacks. Counter-drone systems should be in use to safeguard the data and communications of their clients and avoid any kind of attack.


Safety in airports is always a priority since human lives might be in danger if something goes wrong. A drone, normally, and by law, should not fly near airports. However, the human factor is always unpredictable, thus, anti-drone systems should be in use on these locations to be informed when a drone is in the area.


Large facilities that produce goods need high physical security since if something happens and production is stopped, then, a lot of money can be lost. Protecting the perimeter with anti-drone systems is a must on this case and should be done with the correct design and procedures in place.

Army Facilities

Anti-drone security in army facilities should be in place for two reasons. Espionage and weaponization that a malicious person or organization can do it very easily with drones. Counter drone systems are very important for these facilities and should be installed and maintained accordingly.