Security Consulting

Our security services are very useful for companies or high-net worth individuals that need to assess their current security, or they need to create their security plan and infrastructure. Our experts, with several years of experience on both electronic and physical security, will be able to design and manage the implementation of security devices, systems, perimeter and staff.

We are the company that will organize everything related with your security but NOT to install it. The purchasing and installation process is a totally different project for us, that we are involved by evaluating the proposals you will receive from third parties and then managing the setup in order to make sure that everything is completed as per your requirements.

Fabrabi Ltd is providing security consulting for several sectors.


Making sure that your company or home systems have the right security and are saving to use with the minimum risk, is a very important task that needs specific know-how and experience. Our consultants, with the vast experience on systems security, will provide the right guidance and help you to create the correct procedures. Also, it is very important to have the right configuration on the actual systems, local or cloud, no matter the brand or technology.


The network of your company is one of the most important assets of your company or property since any breach on your network, will have destructive results. Many networks have not the best design or setup, which several times provides the ability to a hacker to find a back-door and enter your network. By entering your network, then any data can be stolen and reach the wrong recipient. This is something that nobody wants to happen. Our experienced consultants are evaluating your current network topology, setup and configuration and providing a report with the current situation and recommendations in order to be as secure as possible.


The main problem with CCTV installations is that companies that installing and maintain these systems, do not have the expertise from security team to propose the appropriate camera technology and also to install them on the correct locations. Fabrabi Ltd has experienced consultants that spent many years in security teams of individuals and companies, that have the know-how, experience and they know what the needs are for every occasion.


It is not about only the guards or security teams safeguarding a specific person or property. Security teams need to work more effectively by evaluating the requirements and the risks. Also, with our partnership with one of the largest companies in the world that builds security walls and with several projects in Asia, we are leaders in physical security of prisons and high-risk governmental locations.