Advance Security Systems

Advance security system is considering as one of our niche products. Using our expertise and high-quality products, large-scale organizations can take advantage of our large surveillance systems with hundreds of cameras to protect critical assets and reduce blind spots in the environment. Fabrabi Ltd advance security systems, consolidates camera and recording management in one place and provides advanced features, allowing security personnel to work at ease.

It is a robust video management system that runs on large-scale NAS devices and NVR. The user-friendly and robust interface lets large-scale organizations efficiently deploy, manage, and monitor surveillance system, allowing them to watch high resolution live feeds from multiple IP cameras, play back recordings, batch manage camera settings, and do much more.

Our advance security system , can be integrated within your existing IP network and infrastructure. Also, companies that they already have domain user accounts through Windows Active Directory (AD) or LDAP, there is no need to maintain two sets of credentials, it can act as a LDAP and AD client to integrate with existing account system seamlessly. IT personnel can also access different IT systems and surveillance system with the same account.

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