Anti-drone practices

Drones are becoming a serious threat since unauthorized persons are able to penetrate airspace for surveillance or with an explosive payload.

Terrorists or unauthorised persons might use drones for malicious attacks or surveillance. For the history, Islamic State has used drones with weapons against Syrian and Iraqi military forces during the war. However, drones can be used also to violate personal privacy of public figures or unsuspected citizens.

An anti-drone solution is used in order to safeguard a specific location or premises. Currently, detectors using several technologies are used in order to detect drones entering a "no-drone" area. Some of the detection technologies used are:

  • Radar
  • Radio wave receivers
  • Audio sensors to “hear”
  • Optical sensors to see

However, when a drone is detected, does not mean that it will not be able to violate your airspace. Thus, a way of stopping or sending back the drone is required before it will violate a specific airspace. This technique is called "drone defence" and can be done using a defending technique or technology such as:

  • Jammers
  • Spoofers (for GPS signals)
  • Hacking
  • Destroyers
    • Lasers
    • Electromagnetic Pulse
    • High Energy Microwave
    • Irritated Property Owners with Shotguns
  • Snaggers (drones using nets for malicious drones)
  • Attack Birds such as Eagles

Based on the above, a complete anti-drone system should include a detection and a defence technology. Nevertheless, the latest technology for anti-drones consists of a radar to detect a drone and a jammer to jam the signal. Radar and jammer should be implemented in a "two-in-one" system using software development and hardware manufacturing in order to have a complete system to be able to restrain a malicious drone at the right time and distance.

More information regarding anti-drone technologies can be provided by Fabrabi Ltd at [email protected].

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