Safety fears with the use of drones

In 2015, a Lufthansa plane that was carrying more than one hundred passengers was narrowly avoided hitting a drone in less than 100 meters away during a landing at Warsaw’s airport has reignited safety and security fears surrounding the rapid increase in the public availability of commercial drones.

Currently, you can find drones everywhere in the streets and on the beach in Cyprus, Greece and any European city. They are available to buy them out-of-the-box to fly from malls and small shops without any special training or know-how. A proper drone, costs about 1200 Euros, which make it a “toy” for anybody.

While a drone user should be over 18, there are no local law at most of the European states to specify who and how can fly them. Civil aviation department spokesperson said that EU directives include a safety distance of 6km from airports. She stated that so far there have been no violations. But she conceded that if a drone user deliberately did not inform civil aviation and was able to remotely control a drone from a distance, an accident was possible.

Based on the above, with drones, whatever security you thought you had is gone. It is very simple nowadays to get a drone and use it without having to follow any laws or directives. While most people don’t yet equate drones with security risks, they pose an array of threats, and reports of drone-related accidents and near-misses are on the rise. With some one million drones entering the airspace globally each month, the prospect of securing drones is becoming more daunting.

Having in mind the above, think of nearly any worst case scenario, and you can probably do it with a drone without even know where you are or how you did it.

Some of the high risks related with drones are the following:

  • Airplanes thread: The damage on a plane should be severe if a drone gets into the jet engines. People is in danger on such cases.
  • Drones for weapons: Terrorists already used drones in several drone attacks. Any small to medium size weapon or explosive can be attached to a drone.
  • Espionage: Using a drone, corporate or personal information can be stolen. This can be done by just using a drone and have it on a “line of sight” distance of the specific data.
  • Smuggling: This is very classic for prisons around the world. It is very common to use drones for smuggling in prisons for drugs, smartphones and pornography to the prisoners.
  • Collisions: Even though most of the consumer drones are very light and cannot do any damage in a collision, commercial drones might be up-to 30 kilos which corresponds that can do a severe damage.


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